Workshops and seminars for your workplace, school or preschool

Workplace Wellness Solutions

  • Nutrition seminars

    I can present on a range of topics, such as ‘Nutrition Myth Busting’, ‘Food and Mood’ and even ‘Family Nutrition’. Your employees will walk away feeling better educated about nutrition and will be provided with a range of resources and recipes.

  • ‘Lunch and Learn’ cooking demonstrations

    Fitting perfectly into the lunch hour, this informative cooking demonstration shows your employees exactly what healthy eating looks like – whether that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. They will also be able to taste-test the nutritious and delicious recipes I demonstrate on the day.

  • Supermarket tours

    This is where theory gets put into practice, as I guide small groups through the aisles and teach them what to buy, what to look for – and what is better left behind!

  • Nutrition booths

    For businesses whose employees are never in the same place at the same time, an interactive nutrition booth is the best option for you. I can set up a display of nutrition samples, resources and recipes, and your employees are welcome to pop by at a time that best suits them.

  • 1:1 consults

    For personalised nutrition advice, I spend 20-30 minutes with each of your employees to conduct a basic nutrition assessment and provide personalised recommendations to help improve their health.


Healthy Children & Teens Services

  • Nutrition seminars and workshops

    I present fun and engaging nutrition talks and workshops for pre-schoolers, primary school students and high school students, and/or their parents. Examples of topics include: Nutrition Myth Busting, Family Nutrition, Healthy School Lunchboxes, Toddler Nutrition and Dealing with Fussy Eating.

    These presentations are ideal for students during school hours or after hours to get parents involved. Participants will walk away feeling better educated about nutrition and will be provided with a range of resources and recipes.

  • Cooking demonstrations

    An informative demonstration that teaches children, teenagers and parents how to prepare food that’s not just nutritious, but super tasty, too. Parents and their children will gain a better understanding of the nutritional needs of growing kids and will walk away having taste-tested delicious meals that the whole family will love.

  • Supermarket tours

    A great choice for both children and parents who want to learn more about healthy food. Here, I guide small groups through the aisles of a local supermarket and teach them what to choose and why.

I can also develop tailored packages that are best-suited to your workplace or school’s needs. Please inquire below.